100 things for dating couples

In addition to eating, shopping and watching movies, there are many interesting things couples can do on dating.


Today, let’s recommend 100 things suitable for dating.


1. Watch the sunrise and sunset together


2. Go singing together


3. Go shopping together in lovers’ clothes


4. Go to the amusement park together


5. Let’s go to the haunted house


6. Go camping together


7. DIY cake together


8. Make pottery together


9. Make hand models together


10. Play poker together


11. Let’s make handmade jewelry together


12. Let’s take big head stickers


13. Go to the milk tea shop together


14. Go to the dessert shop and punch in


15. Let’s play werewolf killing together


16. Go racing together


17. Let’s go to the badminton hall


18. Go to your primary school, junior high school, senior high school and university together


19. Work together as volunteers or volunteers


20. Play rafting together


21. Make a snowman together


22. Go swimming together


23. Exercise together


24. Climb the mountain together


25. Go to the zoo together


26. Press the road hand in hand


27. Go shopping, cooking and washing dishes together


Go hot-air balloon


29. Sit on the ferris wheel and kiss at the top


30. Eat watermelon with a spoon in the competition


31. Let’s go to see the sea


32. Cross the new year together and stay up all night


33. Drink together, listen to each other’s roast and tell each other’s stories


34. Read together


35. Ride a bike together


36. Watch movies or chase TV dramas together


37. Go to a concert together


38. Take a bath in the bathtub together


39. Take photos of lovers together


40. Join the marathon


41. Play video games together


42. Complete a thousand pieces puzzle together


43. Go to church together


44. Have ice cream together


45. Watch fireworks together


46. Go to the rooftop to see the stars


47. Write postcards together


48. Skating together


49. Flying kites together


50. Buy a lottery ticket together



51. Go fishing together


52. Put Kongming lamps together


53. Go to the temple to pray for blessings


54. Enjoy the moon together


55. Let’s go to see cherry blossoms


56. Walk in the rain together


57. Swing together


58. Boating together


59. Go to the buffet together


60. Pick up autumn leaves together


61. Catch dolls together


62. Play the balloon game on the street together


63. Roll the cat together


64. Go shopping in the supermarket and buy snacks


65. Look through each other’s childhood photo album together


66. Eat baked sweet potato together


67. Drink beer together


68. Go to the park for a picnic


69. Lie on the lawn and bask in the sun together


70. Choose sexy underwear together


71. Go to the talk show together


72. Go to the library to study together


73. Watch horror movies together


74. Go to art exhibitions together


75. Bungee jumping together


76. Rock climbing together


77. Walk the dog together


78. Listen to each other’s favorite songs together


79. Buy ingredients together and eat hot pot at home


80. Play truth adventure together


81. Have ice cream together


82. Draw together


83. Go to the furniture store together


84. Go to the florist to pick a bunch of flowers


85. Massage together


86. Let’s go to the aquarium


87. Soak in the hot spring together


88. Do foot therapy together


89. Go to outdoor barbecue together


90. Self driving tour together


91. Make dumplings together


92. Play secret room escape together


93. Building blocks together


94. Play VR experience together


95. Shoot couples vlog together


96. Pick a couple’s mobile phone case together


97. Hand painted lovers’ shirts together


98. Play together. You draw, I guess


99. Go to the Internet cafe and play games together


100. Experience diving together



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