A sentence that suggests you want to make an appointment

1. I know everything, but I didn’t say anything.


2. Since I had a holiday and lived a life of eating, sleeping and eating, I finally knew that pigs would be boring.


3. Boring life has become the capital of my youth and recklessness, and the distortion of day and night has also become the habit of my activities.


4. Exams are one thing. Passing the exam is another matter: overhaul ha, ask for a date, take it away, and have a climax.


5. It’s really comparable to a building jumping machine… The feeling of weightlessness when you press your hand but jump into the air: you have to have the strength of slaughtering the city Looking for beauty in your pocket.


6. Boredom invades people like a rolling tide, and people’s reason suddenly becomes pale and powerless.


7. It’s just a waste of time. I don’t have any passion. I want a date and a party. I want to go out alone


A sentence that suggests you want to make an appointment

8. Interested parties leave a phone! Ask for off order; Everything can be done… Ask for a date on egg Festival: if you want to get close to a woman, you just need to say to her, “Oh, you seem to have lost weight again recently.”


9. I want to pass on this pain from generation to generation! Ask for a date | beyond the age of dreaming! It’s time to mature


10. On egg day, ask for a date and take off the order. Those who want to leave a phone call and let me understand, so I am willing to wait


11. Tanabata asks for a date. I drive a Buick, you take the chicken and duck, and the rear engine takes a pair of turbocharged ducks. I ask you, you take the money and step on the accelerator desperately.


12. Xiao Ke said: ask for a date and chat up. Nobody plays in the country.


13. In a bad mood, I need to get drunk… Ask for a date!


14. The loneliness of street sweepers is not the loneliness of cleaning the streets, nor the so-called boredom.


A sentence that suggests you want to make an appointment

15. I’m asking for a date on Tanabata. I’m driving a Porsche. You take the seat cushion and have a self driving tour. I’ll make an appointment with you. You take the money. It’s limited to one person. There are more paralyzed people, and the labor and capital can’t pedal ~


16. Overhaul ha, ask for a date, take it away, and go to the climax: we slowly learned to bear it, bad! That’s how people are. Happy for a while… I don’t feel sad anymore: OK. Pain for a while! In the cold and warm.


17. Every day is like a copy, no surprises, no surprises.


18. Boredom is a kind of laziness, or rather, a poison to mental laxity.


19. Chinese Valentine’s day for a date, I drive a Porsche, you take the seat cushion and have a self driving tour. I ask you, you take the money, only one person, and I can’t pedal when there are more people.


20. Those who want to stay on the phone, heartless and heartless: ask for a date on the egg festival in order to live without fatigue; Take off the order! occasionally. ​


21. The heaviest burden of life is not work, but boredom.


22. I love small, fresh or heavy taste.


23. If I die one day, I will die of boredom.


24. I found an aunt, but she was so beautiful… Those who wanted to leave a phone call; Tell me the story of you and aunt… Please take off the order! Ask for a date on egg day. Uncle; You are a cement seller


25. The lover after two days asks for a date and gives you girls a chance. Come to me if you don’t have a boyfriend!



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