Couples also need to pay attention to “bedding” when “handling affairs”. Just keep these four points in mind!

Sex life is essential for both men and women. As long as there is a harmonious sex life, it can make the body and physiology happy and further heat up the relationship between husband and wife. However, it can also show personal quality in sexual life, reflect the other party’s love for themselves and the degree of sticking, and make the other party feel strong love in the process of sex. This is what people call “bedding”. How can we improve it.


How can sex between husband and wife improve “bedding”?


1. Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene


Before you plan to have sex, you must pay attention to the cleanliness of the whole body. This is the most basic preparation activity. It can remove the secretions and sweat on the body, wash off the bad smell on the body, avoid making the other party feel uncomfortable, so as not to reduce one party’s sexual desire, and prevent bacterial infection at the same time. Focus on cleaning your teeth and mouth, brush your teeth and gargle carefully before sex, and chew gum when necessary, so as to freshen your breath. Also, wash the armpits with bath gel or soap carefully, because there will be a large number of sweat gland secretions under the armpits and the smell is strong. If necessary, you can spray clear perfume. Women scrub the genital secretions and pubic hair with warm water, and men carefully clean the genitals, especially to remove the dirt in the foreskin.


2. Can’t force


The folk proverb is that a forced twist is not sweet, and it is true. Sex is a matter for two people. They must devote themselves to and interact with each other. If one party has no sexual needs and can’t force it, they should be given some respect and understanding. Therefore, sex needs to pay attention to the harmony of time, place and people. Sex at the right time can’t force sex when one party is depressed, suffering from disease and excessive fatigue. In addition, women can’t have sex when they are in menstrual period, early pregnancy and puerperium, otherwise it will make the opposite party hate sex, even lead to sexual indifference and affect the relationship between husband and wife.


3. Enough foreplay


Foreplay is essential before sex, including caressing, hugging, teasing and kissing. Because sex life is a combination of both sides in psychology, physiology and emotion, when preparing for sex life, ensure that the thoughts of both men and women have entered the state, and can walk together, read the same book or listen to music. Enough foreplay can make the vaginal wall secrete a large amount of lubricant and make the penis easy to enter. However, there are great differences between men and women in the rhythm of foreplay. Men can’t rush. In addition, the foreplay time should not be too long, otherwise it will make men’s erectile function subside or premature ejaculation, which is usually controlled at about 10 ~ 15 minutes. In foreplay, both men and women need to fully communicate. In order to ensure that women’s needs can be met in sex, they must be given enough attention and time, so that both men and women can enjoy sex together.


4. Devote yourself to


Sexual life requires both parties to devote themselves to each other, respond to each other, and say a few words of praise or encouragement, which can lure each other’s lust and become more intoxicated. Don’t say dejected words, so as not to affect each other’s enthusiasm. Also, you can’t complain about each other’s small reproductive organs, imperfect figure or dark skin, let alone talk about family trivia during sex life. At the same time, we should also reject all external interference, turn off the TV, mobile phone, iPad and so on. As long as there is no need for fertility, prepare condoms before sex.



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