Don’t know how to date someone you like? You can do these seven things

There are many factors that can influence a good relationship, the most important of which is your emotional state. If you are not ready for a new life, accept a new person and build a close relationship with you, it will certainly hurt both sides. That’s why emotional experts advise you to ask yourself, “are you ready to build an intimate relationship?” The reason for this.


I hope you should not only understand yourself, but also be satisfied with your state before starting a new relationship. If you’re not ready, enjoy being single first and don’t hurt each other and yourself.


You can take the time to find yourself first and meet a compatible partner to establish a deep and meaningful connection with it.


1. You understand the importance of communication

Good communication is the foundation of all successful relationships you can think of now. If you have suffered a lot in this regard before, learning how to communicate effectively is the most important thing before you start an intimate relationship.


Once you understand the importance of communication, you will know how to express yourself, find your own way of communication, learn to listen to others, and even know how to avoid meaningless quarrels.


2. You don’t want to be the perfect person in the eyes of others

One of the biggest myths brought about by the development of social media and the Internet is that a person can only be a complete person if he has a partner. Listen to me, everybody, this is wrong.


You don’t have to start a relationship for the so-called secular vision, but you don’t consider your own feelings at all. Only if you want to love yourself can you be ready to start an intimate relationship, not for the “yourself” in the eyes of others.


3. You will not be subject to the “expectation” list

In our imagination of lovers, there must be one thing. Is: wish list. What is a wish list? It’s what you expect to do with your lover in your heart. This list is long and detailed.


However, part of realizing that “I’m ready to build a relationship” is to be ready to give up this list, or at least don’t limit the object. Although you shouldn’t completely give up your standards, your willingness to go beyond your list shows that you’re ready for an exclusive date.


4. Are you willing to compromise

In a relationship, a certain degree of compromise is involved. Although it’s important to stick to your position on important things, being with someone means you have to accept the other party’s three views, and compromise means paying attention to the other party’s opinions.


From small things to big things, whether it’s dinner or doing some housework you don’t like, either way, the willingness to compromise is “am I ready to build a relationship?” An important part of.


5. You know how to be alone

This seems unreasonable, but it is a very important thing. Even if you are already in a relationship, you can’t be with each other all the time, so don’t escape loneliness.


Yes, there is a difference between loneliness and loneliness – for the former, you enjoy your company, you are happy to be single and don’t need others to feel satisfied. The latter is that you know how to be alone and answer “am I ready to build a relationship?” This problem is much easier.


6. You have nothing to do with your predecessor

We all have our past and our predecessors. The important thing is to let those former predecessors stay where they belong. If they’re still in your mind and you haven’t forgotten your predecessor, “am I ready to build a relationship?” Your answer. Is a firm “no”.


Although in some cases, contact with the predecessor is inevitable – for example, joint custody. But generally, if you deal with this relationship well and are not inseparable from your predecessor, you are ready to meet a new person.


7. You are ready to open your heart

One of the biggest indicators of your readiness to build relationships is how you feel about the future. If the idea of having a serious relationship excites you and you quickly answer “yes” in your heart, it shows that you are likely to have determined to move towards an exclusive relationship.



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