Four truths you can’t tell about sex

Someone said, “every man wants a woman to remember himself, especially in bed. He wants to be a woman’s God.” But sometimes God will misunderstand women’s sexual psychology and let us understand the truth of orgasm together.


▶ Orgasm is only for men, and women won’t feel it


It only takes two minutes for the study of male orgasm to end. But for women, two minutes is not enough. They need more time. Most men and women are pursuing the realm of synchronous orgasm, but it is obvious that women can’t keep up with their rhythm. If men can control the rhythm and process well, women will reach orgasm synchronously.


▶ Orgasm has nothing to do with sexuality


The occurrence of sexual desire is closely related to sex hormones. When the endocrine system in the body is abnormal and the hormone level is low, the desire will also be reduced, resulting in abnormal uterine contraction and reduced sensitivity to orgasm. Therefore, to achieve orgasm, we must have normal desire, and with the gradual deepening of desire, the climax will come faster.


▶ You can have sex many times, but you only have one orgasm


After the first orgasm, women will enter an refractory period. At this time, if she has reached an orgasm during foreplay, it will be easy for her to reach a second orgasm after a period of sexual intercourse. This kind of thing to do again sounds good.


▶ No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t reach the climax


In the face of orgasm, we should have the spirit of entertainment and don’t let it bother you. According to a Swiss survey, relaxation is the most important and the only factor for women to reach orgasm. Therefore, we should keep a relaxed and pleasant mood. If she’s a little nervous, you can tell her, “we have plenty of time.”


Expert comments


▶ Orgasm doesn’t have to happen every time


As the saying goes, you are happy, so I am happy. Many men like to ask their wives after the event, “did you orgasm?” They believe that only when women are satisfied can they be happy, which represents men’s desire for conquest and sense of achievement. But it’s not easy for many women to have an orgasm. Sometimes, even they don’t know whether they have reached orgasm. Therefore, in order not to refute each other’s face, many women can only pretend to orgasm.


Men regard their orgasm with women as the ideal state of sex, but even if they can’t reach orgasm, sex is not imperfect, because no matter what kind of emotional relationship is constantly changing. If you want to maintain a good marriage relationship, you need to maintain and cultivate it carefully. The closest time with your lover is the time to cultivate feelings. Your tenderness and care will make both sides feel satisfied and happy.


Therefore, husband and wife do not need to force women to reach an orgasm every time they have sex, as long as they are satisfied and happy. As for those who have been married for many years but have never experienced orgasm, they are considered female sexual dysfunction, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for medical treatment.



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