On a guy’s first date, these details will make a girl feel good

first impression is the impression that a person’s appearance and actions give you, and this influence

ultimately affects the first step in your development. In the later communication, what is actually done is

to leave a more good impression. Therefore, when a couple or a man and woman in an ambiguous period

go on a first date, it is actually the influence of the primacy effect, which will form an influence in their mind

and occupy a dominant position, affecting their future communication.



When we go on a first date, 80% of us are nervous, and when we are nervous, we make it a formal date,

which can suddenly make the whole situation awkward by being too formal. In fact, dating harmony is

supposed to be lighthearted, simply put, so that the other person can make a good impression, which will

lead to the next date.


  • A good plan


Amid the atmosphere, it’s time to focus on the topic of dating. The worst thing you can do on a date is to have nothing ready and then sit there swiping your phone looking for a place. So before you go on a date, you have to make a plan. It doesn’t have to be too detailed, but it does have to be appropriate and feasible.

For example, if you decide to go to the store on your date, but you don’t check ahead to see if the store is open that day, you arrive and the store isn’t open. This just goes to show the importance of having a backup plan for every date.


  • Multiple switching Scenario


Boys to date selectively choose 2-3 addresses, date because if only in a scene, the first get tired after a

while the second may be the topic of embarrassment because there is no chat, so the date had better

choose a variety of scenarios, such as eating and entertainment each place is a good choice.

The presence of you in different scenes will deepen the girl’s affection for you.



  • The little details of the date


In the process of dating, there are still many things to pay attention to, such as dress, guys should not dress too formally, of course, unless you are going to some formal occasion, the normal situation is to dress for yourself and be comfortable.



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