The key to stimulating couples’ sexual happiness is that the sexual life environment is very important

Recently, Keith eberro, a psychologist at the famous American sexual health website “red book”, pointed out that “no sexual interest at home” has nothing to do with the relationship between husband and wife. What dilutes the interest in sexual life is often the complexity and triviality of housework. Because 93% of the sexual activities of married couples are carried out in their own bedroom, both husband and wife should make efforts to create a beautiful environment in the bedroom and make it a special romantic place, rather than a place where all kinds of electrical appliances are stacked and used as entertainment places and offices:


The key to stimulating couples’ sexual happiness is that the sexual life environment is very important. In modern society, the sexual life between couples is always much less than what experts suggest. Especially after the birth of a child, work, housework and childcare have gradually become the focus of life, and many couples even have to arrange time to have sex… An American survey shows that although many couples may have a strong desire for each other during the separation of the day, for example, husbands will miss their wife during a meeting, and women will think of the romance of the past because of a picture on the table, But when they got home, they somehow lost this feeling.

Big beds are not good for intimacy


Most people think that the bigger the bed, the more comfortable it is to sleep. Alberto believes that a slightly crowded bed is better for couples to make love to each other. Because physical contact is the most direct love, when two people touch hands and feet from time to time, it can not only make people feel warm and safe, but sometimes even make the days without sexual plans burst out with passion. And no one can reach anyone’s big bed, which will make people feel strange.


Bed sheets and quilt covers are often renewed


What can create the freshness of the bedroom most is articles such as bed sheets and quilt covers. The looming tulle, brightly colored pure cotton and delicate and smooth silk, although everyone likes different materials, the relaxation of body contact with gorgeous bedding is the same. Only by constantly changing and renewing, keeping clean, and the colors, patterns and materials are in line with the aesthetics of both sides, can we arouse people’s instinct to enjoy.


Keep the bedroom private


The bedroom should be a restricted area for children, which is conducive to the proper placement of sexual stimuli by couples, such as nude sculptures, paintings, intimate photos of couples, sex books, etc. From the perspective of sexual psychology, the expectation of husband and wife for the bedroom environment is generally a requirement of psychological feeling, which is generally no more than three specific contents: sufficient sense of security, moderate sexual stimulation and room for association.


Arbelow believes that a bottle of perfume can also be placed on the bedside table, but do not open the bottle cap to let the fragrance float out as if it were nothing, which can create an ambiguous mood.



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