What are some tips about sex?

Breath control

Women tend to be less able to regulate their breathing, often feel shortness of breath, and use a short breathing rhythm to show men that they have reached an orgasm. Men can freely control their breathing after certain training, which can be said to be the patent of men.



[only when two emotions are happy can both sexes be happy]

It is also the responsibility of male friends as husbands to stimulate the sexual desire of their wives. Women in today’s society prefer men who are gentle, kind, aggressive, successful and have a strong sense of responsibility, because such men will give them more sense of security, dependence and trust. Most women also admit that such men are really sexy, charming and fascinating.



[repeat up and down]

Men can wait for women to recover and then repeat the up and down movement. Only both sides can experience the taste. The man puts one hand on the woman’s back to keep his balance when he is passionate.



[strong body]

Having a strong physique is a prerequisite for a good experience. You can practice more pelvic muscles. Through practice, women’s vagina will be stronger and clamped tighter, while men can be more handy, prolong sex time and have more strength.



[communication sensuality]

Sex is a matter for two people. We should communicate more with each other. In order to expand the pleasure of sex, you should ask your partner how they feel. The way should also be recognized by both sides. Husband and wife encourage each other, which is of great help to enhance and prolong sexual pleasure.



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