What are the basic knowledge of sex?

General principles:


1. Human sex is happy, and loving sex is sex. On the contrary, it is equivalent to the mating of animals, but sex only belongs to marriage. “Non marital sex is the beginning of sexual indulgence”. Any sexual behavior outside the family is a serious betrayal of the family and relatives.


2. One night stand is by no means a moral thing. Indulgent sex is a hotbed of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. Although you have the courage to ignore ethics and morality, you certainly won’t bet your life.


3. Never believe in the omnipotence of condoms, because confident and smart Americans believe too much in the role of condoms, which leads to the crazy spread of AIDS in the United States.


4. Although a harmonious and happy sex life is an indispensable part of a happy marriage, be careful not to indulge in lust and be careful not to hurt yourself.


5. “Sex” in many cases means family commitment and responsibility; Before you are sure that your shoulders can bear enough weight, please think about it carefully.


6. Before having sex, please carefully consider whether you should use contraception, rather than just thinking about how to be happier; Otherwise, there will be unbearable pain and suffering in the days after happiness.


7. Four precautions for initial sexual behavior: bathing – gentle action – appropriate place – pay attention to hygiene – contraception.


8. Before you start your sex trip, please reserve enough sex knowledge!! Only in this way will the terrible consequences of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, accidental pregnancy and so on not happen!


9. Women will never forget their first man. If a man unkindly hurts a pure angel, what they are waiting for will be lifelong guilt and all kinds of bad luck.


10. By the way, I would like to remind you about the topic of conscience: having sex with minors under the age of 18, whether girls or boys agree or not, is a violation of the constitution of the people’s Republic of China.


About virgins / virgins:


11. Hymen is only a layer of fragile epithelial connective tissue; It’s normal to have sex for the first time. In addition to sexual behavior, there are many reasons that can cause hymen rupture.


12. Women’s nipples and labia are blackened, which is the result of pigmentation and has nothing to do with whether they are virgins or not.


13. Don’t try to judge whether a girl is a virgin from her physical appearance. Any such method has no scientific basis. Even professional doctors sometimes have no way to judge whether a girl is a virgin.


14. Although there are no obvious physiological characteristics to distinguish the identity of a virgin, it is not true. It is impossible to distinguish the true from the false. No matter men or women, some things will never come back once they are lost.


15. If you are unfortunate to have sex with other men or women before marriage and overdraw happiness, you will lose the opportunity to choose happiness, because all men or women have a strong virginity complex in their hearts!


On contraception:


16. The safe period is not necessarily safe. Women ovulate many times in a menstrual cycle, which has been written into textbooks.


17. Yuting is not a panacea, not a life-saving straw; Cherish life! Cherish health! Use Yuting with caution!! (Note: Yuting is an over-the-counter drug of oral contraceptives)


18. After taking Yuting, it may lead to menstrual disorder in the next few months and irregular vaginal bleeding in the non menstrual period; Moreover, this is only a little external manifestation of Yuting’s side effects.


19. Condoms are also called condoms, please pay attention! Americans believe too much in the role of condoms, which leads to the spread of terrible AIDS in the United States! Of course, the role of condoms in preventing unwanted pregnancies is beyond reproach.


20. Condoms can be bought in large supermarkets and pharmacies; Should use high-quality condoms, do not just buy cheap and inferior goods; Attention should also be paid to the correct use method.


21. Don’t say that making love with a condom is as uncomfortable as bathing in a raincoat. Letting your woman take contraceptives for a long time is tantamount to chronic self mutilation.


22. At the current level of medical science, any kind of oral contraceptive has great side effects.


23. External ejaculation is very unsafe: a small amount of semen often flows out during sexual life, and it is not easy for men to control their movements when they reach orgasm.


24. Contraceptive rings are not suitable for unmarried and infertile women and are not recommended; Similarly, vasectomy is not suitable for unmarried and infertile men.


25. For unmarried men and women, condoms are of course. But pay special attention to the use of condoms. For friends who have children after menstruation, the best contraceptive method must be female fallopian tube ligation or male vas deferens ligation, which can be regarded as a way once and for all.


Are you pregnant?


26. If menstruation has come, it fully indicates that you are not pregnant. (of course, there may be a small amount of vaginal bleeding after pregnancy, but it is easy to judge from the appearance, which is obviously different from menstruation)


27. If your menstruation is overdue after dangerous sexual behavior (which may cause pregnancy), please immediately check it with early pregnancy test paper (or go directly to the hospital). You can use test paper to check whether you are pregnant on the day when menstruation is delayed; Because if you are pregnant, the HCG value in urine will reach the peak; Pay attention to the correct use method, and it is best to use morning urine.


28. For women who have regular menstruation at ordinary times, it is very normal to postpone or advance menstruation within 7 days occasionally, because there are many factors affecting women’s menstruation (such as weather, diet, mood, physical condition, etc.); This delay or extension will generally not exceed 14 days.


29. If menstruation has been delayed for more than 14 days and does not come, no matter what the test paper test results are, please go to the hospital for systematic inspection to avoid accidents.


30. Nausea, vomiting, anorexia and other early pregnancy reactions may not occur until 5-6 weeks after pregnancy (that is, at least 8 weeks after menopause); Don’t make random guesses because of this. Please remember to use the early pregnancy test paper.


Sexual hygiene / sexual health:


31. Circumcision is an important cause of male penile cancer and his spouse’s cervical cancer; This is why it is recommended that men with phimosis and redundant prepuce be circumcised.


32. Please pay attention to the cleanliness of the vulva. You should wash it often at ordinary times. Both men and women must take a bath before making love.


33. Women’s vagina has strong self-cleaning ability. If you don’t follow the doctor’s advice, please don’t abuse vaginal lotion. (except for vulva lotion) 34. Using a pad is not the best choice; Choose cotton underwear and change underwear frequently, which is more conducive to the cleaning and hygiene of female vulva.


35. Women should pay close attention to the changes of leucorrhea; If there are obvious changes in odor, color and character, gynecological inflammation should be suspected. Please go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible; Self medication may delay treatment and may aggravate symptoms.


36. Symptoms such as backache and backache after sex indicate excessive physical exertion. At this time, pay more attention to rest; This is the most basic requirement of sexual health care! do according to one’s ability.


37. Sexual mental health is also an aspect worthy of attention; If you find yourself with sexual psychological disorder, you should consult a professional psychologist as soon as possible.


38. We should not rely too much on sexual fantasy to achieve sexual satisfaction, because excessive sexual fantasy will affect normal work and study.


39. Sexual deviation (such as fetishism, voyeurism, homosexuality, etc.) is a psychological disease, which needs systematic psychotherapy.


40. The healthy performance of sexual psychology and physiology can bring people full of vitality; Facing up to their sexual needs and pursuing sexual health and a healthy and normal husband and wife life are behaviors that should be advocated, not “embarrassed”.


On abortion:


41. Whether it is abortion, drug abortion or painless abortion, in a sense, it is a great damage to women’s physical and mental health; Can you bear the weight of life?


42. Abortion should be performed within 14 weeks of pregnancy; If more than 14 weeks, only more painful and terrible induction of labor can be performed.


43. Drug abortion should be carried out within 49 days of pregnancy; Drug flow will cause unclean flow, which requires more painful curettage.


44. Multiple abortions (whether induced abortion or drug abortion) will make the uterine wall thinner, resulting in infertility or habitual abortion, as well as a variety of gynecological diseases.


45. After abortion, menstruation is generally restored in 30-40 days; After abortion, you should follow the doctor’s advice and go to the hospital for recheck on time.


46. If you have just had a miscarriage unfortunately, sex is absolutely prohibited within a month!


47. Whether it is abortion or drug abortion, the consequences are very terrible, so I advise you to prevent accidents anyway.


48. The “painless abortion” operation widely carried out at present can reduce the pain brought to women at the moment of operation to a certain extent; But it’s just painless. All the “terrible consequences” caused by “abortion are exactly the same”!.


49. Abortion surgery will inevitably leave many terrible sequelae and huge psychological trauma to women’s body.


50. If you are sure to be pregnant, please give birth to the child. There will be no reason to forgive a great mother for killing her unborn child.


Pregnancy / birth:


51. The best time to get pregnant is for the couple to raise enough spirit and choose a sunny weather to have a room together!


52. Sex should be absolutely prohibited in the first three months and the last three months of pregnancy for the sake of your beloved wife and baby.


53. During the whole pregnancy, we should pay attention to reasonable diet, appropriate activities and sufficient rest. In addition, we should not take drugs casually.


54. Parents during pregnancy should do more good deeds that can make them feel happy and comforted. Couples with good prenatal education will get the best children.


55. If a lactating mother is often angry, it is undoubtedly a big killer to the baby, because both traditional Chinese and Western medicine have found that the mother’s angry milk will produce terrible toxins that can cause the baby to get sick and, in serious cases, lead to the death of the baby. At this moment, you must not breastfeed immediately. It will take at least half a day or a day to squeeze out part of the milk, and then wipe the nipples with a clean cloth.


Sex is what I want:


56. In the sexual life of husband and wife, the most important thing is to forget to lock the door… The most irresponsible thing is to let your children see or hear… The most humiliating thing is to let your parents see or hear… The most embarrassing thing is to let your friends see or hear


57. No one is born a master of sex. Only by running in and practicing with your partner can your sexual happiness become more and more perfect.


58. When traveling, remember that both parties should bring their ID cards to avoid being caught by * * * * * * and being unclear^_^ (this one is not so strict now!)


59. Ask for the consent of the husband and wife, and pay attention to the health and safety of their sexual life.


60. “Sex” is a way for couples to express their love to each other, and it is also a special bridge for couples to feel each other’s kindness.


61. You can try other ways of sex that do not affect the rest of your neighbors and the surrounding environment.


62. Your wife’s sexual interest needs to be cultivated by her husband. Slowly, you will take her into the mysterious garden of sex.


63. Don’t force yourself when you don’t want to; Also don’t force each other. Only when both sides actively and enthusiastically invest, can such sex have vitality.


64. Although semen is non-toxic, it will also cause psychological imbalance if swallowed in the mouth. (because couples need mutual respect and love to produce harmonious marriage and sexual happiness).


65. Don’t say more. Sex is what I mean! Therefore, the way that suits you is the best way; However, we should remember the truth that when things reach their extremes, they will not be happy. On the contrary, they will cause physical and mental anxiety and pain!



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